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What is a Fractional CMO / Fractional Marketing Director?

A Fractional CMO / Marketing VP or Director is an outsourced marketing hire who acts as a marketing leader in your organisation without becoming a full-time, in-house headcount. Such experienced personnel bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your team, are able to hit the ground running and ideally have a passion for grooming your in-house marketing talent for you. 

This arrangement saves your organisation time and money, helping you pull together your sales, marketing, customer service and customer relationship management functions together quickly, and assemble a roadmap to take your product and thought-leadership efforts to the market quickly, and even prepare your organisation to take on another fundraising round. 

Consider engaging a Fractional CMO / Marketing Director especially if:

  • You are a startup that requires an experienced marketing leader to lay the groundwork quickly and help you to build your marketing team, but are not able to afford a full-time headcount yet

  • You are a business owner working with a remote team and are trying to put together an in-house team, but are unsure of how to start hiring

  • You are a business owner managing your marketing team directly, but are having trouble giving them the specific marketing leadership and mentorship that they need to grow

  • You are trying to get your existing team to take on basic marketing functions on top of their existing job scope, but need someone to guide and nurture them

  • Your previous CMO / Marketing VP had a messy exit and you are having trouble putting everything back together

  • The process of hiring a CMO / Marketing Director is delayed in your company / you are awaiting the arrival of your new CMO / Marketing Director and need someone knowledgable and experienced to step in to lead the marketing team in the meantime


Council Consulting provides the following Fractional Marketing Leader functions :

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Meet Cheak - Fractional CMO / Marketing Leader

 Working with C-Suite decision-makers to entry-level marketing professionals, Cheak taps on over 13 years of experience in Social Media Marketing, Performance Marketing, Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation, E-Commerce, Data Analytics, Customer Relationship Management and Conversion Optimisation to improve their campaigns and build sustainable growth for companies who are driven to take ownership of their own marketing.

Cheak's last role as Marketing Director of Clickr Media saw him managing and training a team of over 10 account managers, content strategists, media strategists and SEO strategists to conceptualise, execute, report on and optimise global, regional and local campaigns for clients like ASUS, Knight Frank, DBS Bank, Clarins, DKSH, KPMG, HealthHub, KellyOCG, SG Enable and Parkway Cancer Centre.

Today, Cheak steps in on a fractional basis to help marketing teams around the world grow their understanding of their own digital marketing ecosystem, improve their website and campaign setups and spot opportunities to optimise and grow their brand presence and distribution.

Cheak still teaches marketing and analytics best practices to sales & marketing professionals and mid-career switchers in the classroom. He encourages learners to 'bring their work to class' and seek to apply what they learn to the context of their job scopes.

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Key Issue
Potential Solution
Lack of specialist knowledge within the team to spot opportunities to grow campaigns or marketing campaigns
Engage an external consultant to revisit campaigns for reviews on a regular basis and suggest potential opportunities for exploration
Lack of specialist skills within the team to launch, maintain and optimise campaigns
Set up framework for easily duplicated always-on campaigns and train team to understand reports and duplicate, repurpose and optimise them. Or leverage marketing automation.
Lack of communication between team members / working in silos
Facilitate workflow processes that help each member get the resources that they need
Performance marketers using the same campaign set up over and over without testing
Showcase case studies to explore growth opportunities with them
Uninspired creatives
Use framework for pillars, topics & pieces and harness the power of Artificial Intelligence

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