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Digital Marketing Consulting

After managing your own marketing campaigns for a while (or seeing the same agency reports repeatedly), you have probably run out of options to test in improving your marketing campaign's CTR, Engagement, ROI or conversion rate. 

If your marketing campaign performance has dropped and you are not sure why, let us look at your digital marketing for you! 

Council Consulting was founded to bridge the knowledge and competency gaps between in-house marketers and agency teams.

With our 13 years of experience in setting up tracking & attribution, managing performance marketing campaigns and 15 years of content marketing experience, we have helped organisations like yours: 

  •  Use more effective targeting and exclusions in paid marketing campaigns to improve CTR, Conversion Rate, ROAS and engagement

  • Sync up analytics, CRMs and advertising platforms for more accurate attribution

  • Identify sustainable creative & content ideation techniques

  • Spot inefficiencies and provide solutions to eliminate them

  • Spot winning campaigns to further invest in

  • Troubleshoot issues faced with various platforms effectively (e.g. campaigns not running, business manager disabled etc)

  • Get its IT, marketing, sales and customer service teams to work together to improve the customer experience and further increase the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Need Us To Look At Your Digital Marketing For You?

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We provide the following digital marketing consulting services:


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Find out more about Digital Marketing Consulting 

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